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Two wheeler scheme 2024 : Pradhan mantri ka ye khas yojnaa

Presenting the Amma Bike Plan for Working Ladies

The Branch of Social Government assistance and Ladies Strengthening gladly presents the Amma Bike Plan, intended to enable working ladies by working with their acquisition of ladies well disposed bikes. These vehicles upgrade portability as well as facilitate their drive to working environments, banks, and other fundamental commitment. In accordance with our obligation to openness, the vehicles are gearless or auto-equipped, guaranteeing usability for all recipients. Also, exceptionally retro-fitted three-wheeler bikes are accessible for contrastingly abled people. Yearly, this plan means to help one lakh working ladies across Tamil Nadu.

Conspire Advantages:

To guarantee impartial appropriation, the Amma Bike Plan saves designations as follows:
– 21% for ladies from Booked Stations.
– 1% for ladies from Booked Clans.
– 4% for contrastingly abled ladies across all classes.

Sponsorship Subtleties:

Recipients are qualified for an endowment concealing to half of the vehicle’s expense or ₹25,000/ – , whichever is lower. This endowment applies to the acquisition of fresh out of the box new gearless or auto-equipped bikes with a motor limit not surpassing 125cc. Any excess expense past the sponsorship sum should be covered by the recipient through a bank or institutional credit, or individual assets.

Advance Offices:

Recipients have the adaptability to back their vehicle through private assets or advances from Banks/Non-Banking Money Organizations (NBFCs) directed by the Save Bank of India (RBI). After buying the vehicle with individual assets, repayment of the endowment is conceivable, liable to meeting indicated qualification rules.

Qualification Standards:

To fit the bill for the plan, candidates must:
– Be local occupants of and as of now dwelling in Tamil Nadu.
– Fall inside the age section of 18 to 40 years.
– Have a legitimate Bike/Student Permit Enlistment (LLR) and driving abilities.
– Have a yearly pay not surpassing ₹2,50,000/ – .
– Just a single lady for every family is qualified for the plan.
– Have finished essentially the eighth grade assessment.
– Need is given to ladies in distant regions, sloping areas, ladies headed families, widows, contrastingly abled people, unmarried ladies over 35 years, and those from Booked Standings/Clans and Transsexual people group.

Note: Candidates with a Student Permit Enlistment (LLR) should get a legitimate Bike Driving Permit prior to presenting the sponsorship guarantee structure. The application should incorporate a duplicate of the Bike Driving Permit, with the first accessible for check when required.


The plan targets ladies whose business relies upon significant distance driving and whose profit support their families. Rejections incorporate ladies took part in coordinated or chaotic areas, independently employed people, and those functioning in government or confidential establishments, among others.

Application Cycle:

Disconnected applications are acknowledged. Provincial and metropolitan candidates can get to separate application structures from the Tamil Nadu Organization for Improvement of Ladies. The interaction includes finishing up private subtleties, vehicle inclinations, and appending fundamental reports before accommodation to Impede workplaces/Metropolitan Neighborhood Bodies (ULBs).

Required Records:

Candidates should give different records, including evidence old enough, home, driving permit, pay declaration, instructive capability, local area testament (if appropriate), and vehicle citation.

Note: Driving permit/Student Permit Enrollment (LLR) and age evidence are required for application. Any lacks will be advised to the candidate in the affirmation slip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Amma Two Wheeler Scheme for Working Women

1. What is the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme?

  • The Amma Two Wheeler Scheme is an initiative by the Department of Social Welfare and Women Empowerment aimed at empowering working women by facilitating their purchase of women-friendly two-wheelers. These vehicles enhance mobility and ease the commute to workplaces, banks, and other essential engagements.

2. Who is eligible to benefit from this scheme?

  • Eligibility criteria include being a native resident of and currently residing in Tamil Nadu, aged between 18 to 40 years, possessing a valid Two Wheeler/Learner License Registration (LLR) and driving skills, having an annual income not exceeding ₹2,50,000/-, and meeting certain priority criteria based on residency, disability status, and social background.

3. What are the benefits provided under this scheme?

  • Benefits include a subsidy covering up to 50% of the vehicle’s cost or ₹25,000/-, whichever is lower, priority allocations for women from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and differently abled categories, and the flexibility to finance the vehicle through personal funds or loans from approved financial institutions.

4. How can I apply for the scheme?

  • Applicants can obtain application forms from the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women, either for rural or urban areas. The forms must be filled out with personal details, vehicle preferences, and necessary documents attached before submission to Block offices/Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).

5. What documents are required for the application?

  • Required documents include proof of age, residence, driving license, income certificate, educational qualification, community certificate (if applicable), and vehicle quotation. It’s essential to ensure that all mandatory documents are provided to avoid delays in processing.

6. Are there any exclusions from this scheme?

  • Yes, exclusions include women engaged in organized or unorganized sectors, self-employed individuals, and those working in government or private institutions. The scheme primarily targets women whose livelihood depends on long-distance commuting and whose earnings support their families.

7. What should I do if I have a Learner License Registration (LLR)?

  • Applicants with a Learner License Registration (LLR) must obtain a valid Two Wheeler Driving License before submitting the subsidy claim form. The application should include a copy of the Two Wheeler Driving License, with the original available for verification when required.

8. How will I know if my application is successful?

  • Upon submission, applicants will receive an acknowledgment slip. Successful applicants will be notified through the contact information provided in the application form. It’s essential to keep track of communication regarding the status of the application.

9. Can I apply for the scheme if I reside outside Tamil Nadu?

  • No, the scheme is specifically for residents of Tamil Nadu. Applicants must be native residents of the state and currently residing within its boundaries to be eligible for the scheme.

10. Where can I find more information about the scheme?

  • For further details, applicants can contact the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women or visit their official website. Additionally, informational materials may be available at local government offices or community centers.
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